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The types of coffee around the world


As we all know. Coffee could be a source of joy to many people around the world. There are many types of coffee around the world.

People start their day drinking coffee to keep them standing on their feet and be able to do their job perfectly.

 While others prefer lingering so they prepare themselves a good one to sip it slowly and savoring each taste in their mouth.

Who can blame them, this happens when you totally enjoy something to the maximum. You could have certain rituals while drinking it. I prefer drinking coffee while enjoying the view from my bedroom window. Some enjoy coffee while reading, studying or watching TV.

The most important thing is the taste and the surroundings it takes you to a whole new world. The taste here as we know defers because there are many types of coffee. Espresso shots, for example, are stronger than pour-over coffee. Macchiato is something and Ristretto is something else.

So in this article, we will go through the types of coffee in details and how they are prepared.

We know that coffee is a drink that is made from coffee berries which are called in the coffee industry coffee beans. These beans have many species that could read to 100 species but the most common and popular is two species of beans. They are C. Arabica and C. Canephora (which is known as Robusta). The Arabica beans present from 60-80% of total global production, while Robusta represents from 20-40% of total global production.

The coffee is grown from seeds and the trees grow to reach from 3- 3.5 m high. They never tolerate freezing atmosphere.

Though the trees give fruits after 3-5 years their production is massive. Their flowers are white with a beautiful scent. Some people even use coffee leaves in the making tea.

After talking briefly about the trees we will come to the most popular species of coffee.

First: Coffea Arabica

It is known by another name “Arabian coffee” or” Mountain coffee”. People think that it is the first species of coffee ever cultivated, and the main cultivar in global production as we mentioned above that is estimated at 60%.

Its habitat is the mountain regions of Yemen and Ethiopia. This species is now spread around the world like in Latin America, Africa, China, USA and, the Pacific.

Coffea Arabica takes 7 years to fully mature, succeeds in these temperature degrees 15-24 degrees, but it can’t stand frost.

Second: Coffea Canephora 

It is known in the coffee industry as coffee Robusta. It comes from central and western sub-Saharan Africa. It includes countries like Liberia, Angola, and Tanzania. It belongs to the Rubiaceae family. People recognized it as a species of coffee in 1897. After more than 100 years of discovering coffee Arabica.

40% of coffee global production comes from Robusta and the main country that cultivates it is Vietnam then comes Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

When it comes to more yield, Robusta wins the award. It is easy to take care of and cheaper in production. It is more bitter than Arabica.

Types of coffee around the world that ever exists

For me, I didn’t know that there are so many coffee drinks. My choices were limited to regular pour-over coffee and cappuccino. But this didn’t prevent me from trying other types of coffee that came across when I visited other countries. My passion for traveling and learning about different cultures made it easy.

So let us start with a list that gives you in details the types of coffee and espresso-based drinks.

Black coffee

it is just brewed coffee without any addition to it. Just its pure taste.


Drip or filtered coffee

one of the famous types of coffee, in which the hot water pass through ground coffee beans that has a filter, when the water passes through it, oils and the essences of ground are absorbed and then forms the liquid we want in a carafe.


Coffee with sugar and milk

coffee added to it sugar according to your preference and milk


French press coffee

this coffee is made by using a French press, a device invented by Paolini Ugo in 1929. The coffee is prepared by putting the coarse ground coffee in it and add hot water. It stays about 2-4 minutes, the piston is pressed to separate the ground and let it be at the bottom of the beaker.


Percolated coffee

coffee is put into a pot that has boiling water and keeps boiling till the coffee reaches the desired strength.


Turkish coffee

in Turkish coffee, the ground beans are a fine powder, the coffee is put in water and heat till it boils and gives a foam. In the Middle East, most of the people drink coffee in four degrees. For example in Egypt, there is Sada (without sugar), Zayada (with a lot of sugar), Ala Reha (slightly amount of sugar is put), and a cup of coffee with medium sugar spoon.

Iced coffee

the coffee is prepared with hot water then left to cool before drinking, so it is different from the cold brew.

Cold brew coffee

this is one of many types of coffee preparation in which coffee is brewed in cold water or water in temperature of the room then heated and diluted with milk and water.


Vacuum coffee

one of the types of coffee, in which the coffee is brewed in two chambers, the vapor pressure and vacuum produce coffee.



a tiny shot of coffee made by using a machine and it is measured by an ounce, there are many drinks based on it and we will see some of them below.

Café Cubano

it is from Cuba, it is an espresso with brown sugar or as it is called “Demerara sugar”.


Caffe Americano

espresso that looks like coffee in strength but differs in taste.


Coffee cream

it is a drink that is served in a long cup and famous in Austria, Switzerland in 1980.


Café Zorro

2 shots of espresso + water 1:1 ratio.



double shot of espresso and it is presented in the demitasse cup.



espresso that is made in amounts similar to coffee but we use half the amount of the water.


Espresso Romano

it is one shot of espresso and on the side, a slice of lemon is served.



double espresso that is poured over lime slices and ice could be put too.



it is not like Ristretto, we use more water in the preparation process.



an espresso made with steamed foam and hot milk.



it is an espresso made with little foam and steamed milk.


Flat White Coffee

it resembles latte but with textured milk.



half milk and half cream espresso.



it resembles cappuccino but a bit stronger and with a little amount of foamed milk.



1:1 ratio of single shot espresso and steamed milk.


Café bombon

very popular in Spain. It is espresso with sweetened condensed milk.


Caffè Gommosa

it is an espresso that is poured onto a marshmallow.



it is a drink that contains espresso + steamed milk +coco powder.



origin country is Portugal, it is a tall glass of espresso with foamed milk.


espresso with few milk to reduce the taste of acidity.


Café au lait

espresso + scalded milk


Ca Phe sua da

this drink’s origin in Vietnam and it is black coffee mixed with condensed milk and ice.



it is a German drink that is a mix of iced coffee and ice cream with vanilla.


Egg coffee

Vietnamese mix of egg yolk+ condensed milk+ sugar+ Robusta coffee.


Vienna coffee

espresso or coffee with whipped cream.


Espresso con Panna

whipped cream coffee.

Chai Latte

expresso+ spiced tea+ steamed milk


Liqueur coffee

coffee addition of liqueur and served by adding cream.


Irish coffee

whiskey + cream + coffee



like a latte but we add chocolate syrup.



it is a coffee that is prepared in a Moka pot that produces it by the passing of hot water and pressures it to produce steam which goes through ground beans but it differs from espresso, it uses low pressure.



it is coffee present with dessert.


Café de olla

it is famous in Latin American countries and it is a coffee drink that is served in cold weather beside pan dulce pastries.



it is famous in Greece, an iced coffee drink especially in summer



famous in Algeria and it is a cold drink mix of coffee, ice, lemon, rum, and sugar.



ice cubes and espresso.


Café touba

it is in Senegal considered spiritual and named after some called Serigne Touba.


Instant coffee

it comes in packets already in form or powder or granules. It is similar in taste to regular coffee but not identical.

Canned coffee

it is found in Japan and there are various types of it, it is ready to drink because they are already brewed.


There are lots more, but these types of coffee should keep you busy trying them first. So what are you waiting for?