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15 Best Coffee Shops in London Right Now

It is not an addiction: good coffee is a necessity for many of us to get through a busy day. And no one knows busy days as a Londoner, so it’s no wonder that the London coffee scene is fast becoming one of the largest on Earth. You could say we’re full of beans!


But when we say good coffee, we are not talking about your standard thin milk coffee or a mediocre coffee of the first line, marked with a misspelled name. No, we are attacking all the independent cafés making a lot of noise in the capital and serving only the best.




This place in Shoreditch is for the true coffee enthusiast. Ozone roasts its grains on the site and is known for its excellent quality. If you come across one too much, you can opt for decaffeinated coffee options so you can get the flavor without the kick (whatever is necessary to get your delicious infusion). This environment is more relaxed and relaxed, so, for you, freelancers, it is the perfect place if you need to plug it in and work.




When it comes to breakfast, these guys will start your day in the best way. This well-known café fashion spot in Soho is full of artists, musicians and media moguls tortured. You may also find yourself admiring the art exhibitions of local artists that are constantly changing. Milkbar is always busy, but it’s a great place to soak up the bustling city atmosphere surrounded by similar creatives.




Based in Clapham and Wandsworth, locals considered The Roastery to be the best coffee shop in the area. They use artisanal Bullet Coffee grains, which are 100% organic coffee with fair trade certification. All the beans are roasted in small batches in the place, releasing captivating cups of coffee that attract it from the streets. The staff will receive you with your first name after only a couple of visits, which makes it a space full of loyal customers (so wait on weekends).




The two branches of Fitzrovia from Kaffeine Aussie and Kiwi-style can be a bit small and busy for your comfort at times, but this is compensated by the friendly staff who are admirably passionate about their craft. Efficient service means you are never waiting for a long time. In addition, food is the perfect companion for your cup, and they even have their own branded merchandise.




Probably the name more in the style of London has an instant attraction for the inhabitant of the city. Now there are almost 20 branches of this café in London (thanks to the acquisition of TAP Coffee), including Carnaby Street, Spitalfields, and Canary Wharf. They not only serve quality brews, but they also show you how to do it: every so often they run their own coffee school, teaching topics such as the science of espresso and latte art … in case you are in the market for a new one party trick.




It all started on Lexington Street in Soho, and now there are five branches throughout the city, from Marylebone to South Kensington. A specialty is The Stumpy, which was born here and is like a flat white mini, which is always served on a boat that cannot be described as anything other than “stumpy”.




The caravan exudes a great flavor and the coldness of an atmosphere created by people with a sincere passion. It is a solid option for a lazy Sunday brunch and a place where you just want to spend hours and hours of work, relax, have a coffee or enjoy a good book. The restaurants, bars, and cafes of the Caravan of the city not only offer first class coffee but also have the best brunch places in the capital. However, if you feel that a coffee simply does not cut it, then go straight to an Espresso Martini at the bar.




As with most Australian cafes, the Lantana coffees in Fitzrovia, London Bridge, Camden, and Shoreditch are quiet and unpretentious. That means you can always guarantee a quality cup, made by a staff that really cares that you enjoy it. The beans are Guatemalan, Brazilian and Ethiopian, the flat whites are constantly decent and the food light and sunny.




With humble starts in Shoreditch, there are now 10 Grind places in London. But not only do you have to stretch 10 coffee shops for a mediocre coffee; the spine is excellent coffee and good tunes, plus a selection of good food. And here’s a fun fact: the mix of the house is still toasted daily in Shoreditch.




The original and subsequent sites of Covent Garden in Borough Market and Bermondsey tend to be constantly crowded with tourists and obsessive with coffee that come for the excellent variety of coffees with espresso filter or single cone. Honestly, it’s hard to be disappointed. All the sites are very fun, but maybe make a special stop at the Bermondsey site, where the coffee is roasted and the aroma is heavenly.




Esters can be a bit hard to find, tucked away in a residential part of the coffee capital of Stoke Newington, but this hidden gem is worth it. A small shop, combining relaxed service with a growing selection of barbecues, is the kind of place where the staff is chewing on the bit to allow you to sample the latest offer (and they are currently offering an extraordinary coffee from the Stafford toaster with beans). It was recently renovated in June 2018, a small renovation to consolidate its brand in the Stokey coffee scene.




This cafeteria could be London’s best-kept secret! Hidden behind the London Bridge, it’s more of a post than a coffee shop, and that’s fine with us when you’re serving such good coffee. Order any espresso beverage and combine it with a deliciously baked product from The Snapery.




Established in 1942, H.R Higgins Duke Street feels a little closer to the 19th century than anything else you would find on Main Street in 2018. Its retro copper counter is home to a wide variety of barbecues and its baristas pride themselves on being able to recommend a cup of coffee according to your specific tastes. Also, they just renovated the basement last year and it looks cooler than ever.




Alex MacIntyre’s small cafe on Hoxton Street was one of the most revered and adored of East London, both by locals and tourists, and thus, the hearts of coffee lovers in the capital broke down when it closed its doors forever. But never worry- after a brief stint at the Old Street station as a cocktail bar, you now have a new permanent home in Angel! This is not coffee for the uneducated, this is a serious matter, and it’s the definition of artisanal coffee.




Flat White is the epitome of what you would call a hipster café. Located in a bustling Soho, it’s the kind of place you really expect no one to discover in case you ruin the vibe you can find here. This is a place for anyone who needs a place to lift a chair, has an amazing coffee and gets lost at work on their laptop. In addition, its cuttings are some of the best that London has to offer.